Playoff Predictions, Round 2: Cooke

Tied for last with 12 points, Cooke and his words should be taken with a grain of salt.

Playoff Predictions, Round 2: Adam

Tied with Cooke for last place, Adam needs some bold picks to become relevant again.

Playoff Predictions, Round 2: Josh

Only one point ahead of the losers, Josh finds himself in a familiar place. Somehow, his insights remain invaluable.

Playoff Predictions, Round 2: Chase

Chase continues to pound the table while nobody listens. At 17 points, he sits in 2nd.

Playoff Predictions, Round 2: Alex

Alex comes from out of nowhere and takes a commanding lead with 22 points. Fortunately, he also has little to say.

Playoff Predictions, Round 1: Josh

As the worst performer of the group historically, Josh hopes his luck changes this postseason. That's right: luck.

Playoff Predictions, Round 1: Chase

The subject line on Chase's email says it all: "2023 NHL Playoff Prediction and Bettor’s Guide."

Playoff Predictions, Round 1: Cooke

In his first article, Cooke lays out his picks and does not mince words in the process.

Playoff Predictions, Round 1: Adam

Adam tells it as he sees it.

Playoff Predictions, Round 1: Alex

Every spring, The Team makes playoff predictions and pays out the best performer. After explaining this year's rules, Alex marks his territory with some bold picks.

A Sorely Needed Guide to Defensive Stick Positioning

The eternal balance between offense and defense won't be restored until defensemen figure out what to do with their sticks.

The Scouting Report on Brian Elliott One Year Ago

Exactly one year ago, Edmonton had a pretty obvious scouting report on the Tampa's backup goalie.

Draisaitl's Paddle

An underrated part of Leon Draisaitl's game is his oversized blade.

Power Rankings and Games We're Betting—All-Star Hangover Edition

The cheat code Vegas doesn't want you to know about.

Defending the 2 on 1

Odd man rushes are becoming far too easy to convert, and the defensive community isn't doing anything about it.

Power Rankings and Games We're Betting (1/24)

They're Still the Champs: Why we're backing the Avs at any price.

How McDavid and MacKinnon Are Making Power Play Faceoffs Obsolete (Part 2 - MacKinnon)

There is only one part of the game where faceoffs and possession aren’t correlated: on the Power Play.

Power Rankings & Games We’re Betting (01/16)

Young, Wild and Free: Why Minnesota is the team we are backing this week.

Power Rankings & Games We’re Betting (01/10)

Look out now, Josi’s FINALLY back.

Recent Power Play Innovations

Hockey should take advantage of the one part of the game that can be reliably planned for: the power play. Josh discusses some recent attempts.

Power Rankings & Games We’re Betting (01/02)

Not even the great Barkov can save the Puddy Tats now.

Bombay's Mismanagement During USA's Shootout with Iceland

Bombay's undocumented mismanagement during the Goodwill Games final nearly cost Team USA the gold.

How McDavid and MacKinnon Are Making Power Play Faceoffs Obsolete (Part 1 - McDavid)

Adam explains a discrepancy in the data.

Power Rankings & Games We’re Betting (12/19)

Fresh off another big week, Chase is pounding the table that now is time to sell the Devils.

Two on Oh No's

If a 2-0 is supposed to result in a goal, why does Josh have so many clips where it doesn’t?

Power Rankings & Games We’re Betting (12/12)

After going 7-3 (32% ROI) last week, Chase explains why this BLUES team is making him—and his wallet—GREEN.

Chopping the Goalie's Shaft

Don't let goalies fool you. This highway robbery isn't intentional and shouldn't be allowed.

Power Rankings & Games We’re Betting (12/5)

In the first installment of this weekly segment, Chase explains why front-running expected playoff teams can be lucrative today.

Variations On A Shootout Theme

Josh puts Robertson's next-level shootout move into context.

Pavelski's Newest Innovation

Joe Pavelski finds yet another way to score in the paint.

Locker Room Personalities

We can all still picture our high school hockey locker room—sometimes, we can even smell it. Even though every locker room is unique, these personalities always exist.

The Bad Own Goal I Can Understand

Silfverberg's own goal against the Sharks garners more sympathy than shame.

In-Zone Innovations (IZIs)

Josh explores three cutting-edge alternatives to the traditional cycle.

Josi with a Subtle Backhand Toe

Josi lands a move foreign to the NHL.

2022-2023 MVP Value Picks

Josh walks through some under-the-radar MVP candidates.

Mini-Hockey Personalities

Roll out the carpet. Adam gives you 5 mini-hockey personalities that you'll be sure to see in every basement around the country.

What Johnny G Teaches Us About Risk-Reward

Josh dives into the enigma that is Johnny Hockey. He discusses how Johnny is changing the game and what stereotypes we must put to rest.

Worst Drills Your Coach Had You Do

Even the best coaches have those drills that make no sense, or just plain hurt. Adam recaps the 5 worst drills known to hockey.

Sweaty Hockey Equipment

Let's break down the worst sweaty hockey equipment to slip into.


Believe it or not Josher is the best author in the group. He may be a buzzkill to the average dumb homer, but the educated prep school boys will love his use of big words and annoyingly impeccable grammar. No player is safe when he is doing his analysis.

Likes: Guentzel, forehand Federovs, short passes
Dislikes: Malkin, power forwards, shutout streaks, bad skaters with good hands


Goes out and hunts for the best material...and usually finds it. Whether it be from last night’s highlights or an article from a lesser blog, he’ll provide a good story. His writing style is a nice blend of information and comedy that will undoubtedly interest readers.

Likes: Dangling, reverse cycle, low-block
Dislikes: Other puckhogs, knobs of goalie sticks, choppy ice


A guy who coaches love and fourth liners hate, Alex is a bit of an enigma. On one hand, he's a hockey elitist who asks "how" when others proclaim "how many"; on the other hand, he admires the whatever-it-takes attitude and will stoop well below his pay grade to find the newest innovation.

Likes: Lefties, stick-in-lane, momentum, tongue over shins
Dislikes: Righties, hanging, waffleboarding, defensive liabilities, yellow laces, raw talent


Notably watches more hockey than any other author but is too lazy to publish articles consistently. Read his pieces at work as they are easier to digest than his meatballs and provide a nice break in that brutal workday.


Finance by day, this known data junkie will model anything with a pulse.  Teams to him are just 1’s and 0’s in a neatly arranged excel grid.  Uses phrases such as “non-zero chance” and “range of outcomes” in everyday conversation.  Lives to make Vegas pay.

Likes: Original Six teams, set plays off the draw, Mika Zibanejad, road dogs  
Dislikes: “Remember that save” saves, lazy forechecks, shoulder pads, the Western Conference.